Nunn Long Head Nailing On Hammer


The Jonathan Nunn Long Head Nailing Hammer is manufactured from high-quality tool steel. The unique design delivers precise point of force hammer blow when driving the nail. The angled head increases velocity of the striking arc. It has a precisely engineered claw which cuts through the nail shank smoothly. The hammer design enables nails to be pulled from the shoe with the claw.


The Jonathan Nunn Long Head Nailing Hammer has an angled head and long striking face which provides a precise accurate strike to the nail head, requiring minimal force and effort from the user. This means more direct force and less prolonged concussive force is transferred to the foot. This improves the experience for the horse with reduced banging on their feet during the shoeing process.


Shaped high quality long shaft reduces effort by the user and can be shortened as necessary


Long neck design keeps the shaft tighter for longer.

Nunn Long Head Nailing On Hammer


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